Humidity control

Our humidity probes are designed for very tough applications in all types of industry. They are used to measure the moisture content of materials (non-liquid) and work according to the principle HFK (HIGH CAPACITIVE Frequency).
The head of the FMS type moisture sensor is made of ceramic and therefore has excellent abrasion resistance. The body is made of stainless steel.
Application examples:
– Moisture measurement for sand and gravel in the concrete industries.
– Moisture measurement for foundry sand.
– Moisture measurement for quartz sand in the manufacture of glass.
– Moisture measurement for the salt industry, sugar, butter, powders in the food industry, ceramic mass, mixtures in building materials or other, animal feed, minerals, cereals, wheat ….
Options: These probes have the possibility of being connected to a specific indicator allowing the calibration of several products with different response curves.


Temperature measurement and regulation for storage sites (cereals, fertilizers, sugar, etc.).
The new silos decree applicable, for certain points since 1998, makes it necessary to completely overhaul the temperature measurement and monitoring systems.
The professionalism of PLCD working for various industrial sectors makes it possible to reconcile the immediate compliance required and the evolving system allowing an investment spread over several years.
Proposed equipment according to Directive 94/9 / EC.ATEX


– Mechanical maintenance
– Electrical maintenance
– Heating Air Conditioning
– Automotive
– Asphalt
– Thermal groups
– Cold chain
– Locating power outages
– Preventive detection of abnormally hot spots
– Remote control of equipment
– Demonstration of pipe clogging
– Measurement on electronic components
– Backlit LCD screen

 Leakage measurement

This system makes it possible to measure the tightness of various parts.


DIGIFORCE 9306: Stitch and Assembly Control monitors processes for which accurate functional relationships between two measured quantities must be highlighted. For the fitting processes, such ratios exist for example between the pressing force and the fitting stroke, for the screwing processes between the torque and the angle of rotation.

Voltage measurement

Measurement of the tension of a band, in all industries using continuous bands:
– Textiles,
– Rolling mills,
– Paper machine …
The interest of the system is to know continuously the traction of the band and possibly regulate the importance.

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